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2-Player Games

Download NPC Cast Episode 143 – 2 Player Games

In this episode we talk about playing board games and role-playing games with 2 players! (61min)

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Board Game Design Time

Battle for Zendikar

Infinity RPG Kickstarter


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Food and RPGs

Download NPC Cast Episode 141 – Food and RPGs

In this episode we chat about the food we eat at the RPG table, and also food INSIDE of our RPGs! (63min)

Food We Eat: 03:31
Food Inside: 30:50

Some things you may be interested in:



Long Walk to Valhalla


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TPK Primer: The City of Egress

City of Egress Map

This TPK is named for Bruciare, the crowning jewel of the nation of Contarini, it provides a gateway to the sunless sea.  It is a city of art and innovation, where inventors and creators toil away in great contests to win renown for their patron nobles. Those nobles are equally tied up in a constant power struggle to be The First House and create policy for the city, and embroiled in the far reaching conspiracies that keep Bruciare entrenched in the supernatural currents that bubble and churn in the depths of the city.  

It is an important era for Bruciare, as a safe and navigable path has been charted across the Sunless Sea that was once thought endless.  On the other side lies a mysterious land, and now the nobles have a new contest to be embroiled in: exploring and claiming this new land, which for now remains unnamed.  The second house, house Toritzi sees this as a way to claim the coveted first spot, and house Embroli now races to defend its hold.  Each house has began to prep a powerful fleet for their expedition.  House Ytroo, recently descended from second to third seat, finds itself with no ships following a cunning economic maneuver from house Toritizi.  Even lesser houses nip on their coveted position.

This has drawn away attention from the budding supernatural powers that lie hidden beneath the shining facade of the city, which has long considered the dark arts as forbidden and supernatural, something that the savages of other nations partake in.  Even now there are stories of golems and clockwork men roaming the streets of the city at night, wandering the maze of canals seeking something…

But Contarini is not the only nation seeking something from the lands across The Sunless Sea.  Her neighbor to the north Prahovia, has begun to prepare a journey with its own Ghost Fleet, a dozen galleons painted white that seem to drift across the ocean at supernatural speed.  Prahovia’s King, Rurick Vost, rumored to be immortal, even helms a ship in the fleet himself.

Meanwhile Arthfeal, the mysterious lands on the other side of The Shadewood, have decided to use this opportunity to assess Contarini’s strength.  Spies of all sorts have journeyed south through the wood, using their magicks of illusion and charm to worm their way into Bruciarian High Society.  Even former exiles hope to earn redemption by spying for The Emerald Nation.


Muka Xofed – An exiled soldier of Arthfeal, who always puts his own survival at first priority, he schemes to find a way to infiltrate Contarini’s expeditions and return the intelligence gained as leverage to end his exile.

Mighug Ytroo – The second son of House Ytroo, Mighug is desperately searching for a ship to get across the Sunless Sea. Given his house’s reputation as a house of outsiders and foreigners has bubbled up again with their loss of status, Mighug seeks revenge on house Toritzi.  At the same time he must keep his dark arts hidden, or else further expose his family to ridicule.

Set Igew – Even Set himself doesn’t understand his background.  He remembers nothing from before his 18th year.  He practices a magical art that allows him to infuse the inanimate with life, but at the cost of a memory or two.  It stands to reason that at some point he merely gave too much, but the consequences of that are unknown.  Now he gets by on his wits and connections, which have told him of a ship left practically unguarded.

Stausk Wioslea – Stausk hails from Prahovia originally, where a ghost’s curse has given his life purpose. While the curse provides him some benefits, he searches for ways to undo what has befallen him, though his curiosity often distracts him.  Now he finds himself entangled in the supernatural underbelly of Bruciare, where the abilities of a particular nobleman have drawn his attention.

The first episode of The City of Egress will be streamed this coming Friday, September 11th at 7:30PM PST.  You will be able to find episodes on Youtube and in audio form on our Podcast feed shortly after.

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Checking in with the Games Industry

Download NPC Cast Episode 140 – Checking in with the Games Industry

In this episode we chat about the current state of the games industry as a whole! WITNESS US! (68min)

Some things you may be interested in:

Adventure Time Love Letter

The Eyrewood (Formerly Thornwatch)

Mad Max



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