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ENnie Awards and NPC Del’s Voting Slate

We love games here at the NPCCast, and we’re honored to be nominated for the 2015 ENnies. While you’re free to vote for anyone you think deserves the accolades, I’ve got a few suggestions if you find yourself voting. We don’t offer a consensus opinion on every category, and do be aware that it is instant-runoff voting, so even if you prefer another product more, consider giving down-ballot votes to some of our favorites.

Best Monster/Adversary: 13th Age Bestiary. In no other monstrous folio would there be such care and attention – not to detail and Gygaxian Naturalism as in other books – but attention to fun as the 13th Age Bestiary be given to the lowly Bat. The creators of this Monster Book give so much love, and so many great, evocative adventure hooks to even the most pedestrian of opponents that we have to strongly endorse it.

Best Adventure, Best Cartography, Best Production Values: Horror on the Orient Express. It’s a bona-fide classic, and this upgrade/re-release gives it all the love it deserves. Featuring gorgeous, well, everything – from train tickets to usable telegrams. Absolute perfection.

Best Art – Interior, Best Miniatures Product, Product of the Year: IRON KINGDOMS UNLEASHED. The Adventurer’s Kit is the most value we’ve ever seen at its price point, from intricate pre-assembled minis to amazing modular terrain. The full core book’s art is just as full-metal-mayhem-filled as anything put out by Privateer Press.

Best e-Book, Best Writing: Ken Writes About Stuff. Show guest and FriendPC Kenneth Hite is probably the most correct person working in RPGs today.

Best Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games. In addition to all the tabletop offerings with their attention to detail and high-quality components, FFG has been killing it on the RPG front by releasing 3 compatible RPGs in the various eras of the Star Wars mythos, each with production values and writing and especially art to top the last.

and of course, Best Podcast: NPC Cast! Thanks for voting!

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5 Of Our Favorite RPG Episodes!


We’re incredibly honored to be nominated for a 2015 Ennie Award! (click here to go straight to the ballot) We definitely have our listeners to thank for keeping us going, we couldn’t have done it without you. Trust us, putting an episode out each week for the past 131 weeks hasn’t always been easy, but you all have made it totally worth it! With that said, we wanted to give the influx of new listeners some places to start and so we thought we’d list a few of our favorite RPG-centric episodes from the last year or so. Here you go:

Episode 78 – Luchicago

Download NPC Cast Episode 78 – Luchicago!

Okay, this one is there for a couple reasons. First and foremost it is on there because it is an example of one of our “Campaign Crucible” episodes. Secondly, it features Kenneth Hite, who through no coincidence whatsoever, is also nominated in the Best Podcast category! In this episode, we combine some crazy elements to come up with a totally fresh campaign setting on the fly, and it was awesome having Ken on the show!

Episode 93 – Balance in RPGs

Download NPC Cast Episode 93 – Balance in RPGs!

In this episode we discussed an article by John Wick and whether or not Balance in RPGs was something that designers should shoot for in their games. We all come at it from slightly different angles, and feel like the discussion was a lot of fun and had us thinking more about the effects of design on the games we love!

Episode 97 – Winging It

Download NPC Cast Episode 97 – Winging It.

In Episode 97, we broke down how we improvise during our game sessions. This came about because NPC Aaron had recently went through almost 24 straight with next to no prep. We give a bunch of tips that anyone can adapt to their groups, whether they want to improvise a lot or a little!

Episode 109 – RPG Preludes

Download NPC Cast Episode 109 – RPG Preludes.

In this episode, we talk about why you should consider a prelude adventure for your RPG Campaign, and walk you through a variety of different types of prelude adventures you could run for your group on the first session.  We cover Origin Stories, Disposable PCs, and more!

Episode 110 – RPG Foreshadowing

Download NPC Cast Episode 110 – RPG Foreshadowing.

In Episode 110 we talk about a few ways that you can use foreshadowing in your sessions! We go over using foreshadowing as a way to hint at what is to come in the form of an omen or portent, and we cover how you can use foreshadowing to set up realizations later on!

Thanks again for checking out our podcast, we really hope you enjoy it!

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