Signals Media All Star Network.

Back in Fall of 2012, I was working in a shipping department. After exhausting every possible internet radio station I decided, “Hey, why not try one of those podcast things people are going on about?” I was still pretty heavy into World of Warcraft at the time and so I downloaded the Stitcher Radio App and just started listening to different casts, hoping to find one I enjoyed.

There were some not-so-good ones, and some good ones, but for me, one stood out among all the rest. It was a podcast called “Convert to Raid” and it was awesome. To be honest, after it everything seemed pretty lackluster. Convert to Raid had skits, a tremendous production value, a tight-nit group of hosts with varied personalities, and overall a cool feeling of POSITIVITY that many other WoW podcasts were lacking. It felt right. It is 100% because of Convert to Raid that I approached Aaron and Del about recording a tabletop gaming podcast. They truly inspired this whole thing.

On Episode 12, I relayed much of this story and through the medium of Twitter that episode found it’s way to the ears of Pat Krane, the host of Convert to Raid. He emailed us with some kind words, thanked us for mention, and encouraged us to keep at it. I geeked out a bit.

Cut to a full year later, and I receive another email, this one out of the blue, from Pat. He tells me he has kept up with our show and has been impressed with the quality of our product. He asks us if we would be interested in joining the podcast network he has put together, and of course we were intrigued. A few emails exchanged and a meeting over Skype later and we are proud to announce that we will be joining the lineup on the Signals Media All-Star Network this month.

We’re excited about the chance to be another representative for Face to Face games on the network, and encourage you to check out the other offerings there. Naturally, they have a collection of the best World of Warcraft podcasts on the net, but there also shows about podcasting, television, and popular culture. Make sure to check out Death D4 Dishonor, which is a D&D Actual Play podcast. The thing that binds us all is that we love what we’re in to, and want to share it with as many folks as possible.

What does this mean specifically for the NPC Cast? Well, not much really. You’ll hear a bumper from time to time but other than that you’ll get the same exact show we’ve done for the last year and a half. There will be other perks though. Forums will be up and running soon, we may be able to do some cross promotional stuff, and there is even talks about other avenues for more content. Most importantly for me, is I now have Pat Krane’s skype info and can call him if I ever have an audio question…and I have a ton.

Thanks again for supporting us like you do, time and time again. It really means the world to us. We promise that we are going to keep doing what we set out to do back on January 4th, 2013: Share our LOVE for tabletop games with everyone we possibly can.

– NPC Chris

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