Help choose NPC Chris’ next campaign!

Hey everybody! If you listened to Episode 42…wait…whoa…








NPC CHRIS IS PLANNING A NEW CAMPAIGN AND HE WANTS YOUR HELP! (I guess I should have changed the title of the post)

I am looking for some input from the NPC Cast listeners, but I have narrowed it down to 4 possibilities. Keep in mind, that all of them will skew towards a bit more “serious” and “gritty” tone. The last few games I have ran have been of the “BIG DAMN HERO” variety, and I wanted something with a bit more subtle character development. (That isn’t to say there won’t be jokes and laughs, but I wouldn’t want you to vote for Woolridge thinking it was going to be 1930’s Scooby Doo)

Whatever I run, i will be blogging about the process here and let you know how things are going…so let me tell you about the ideas, I can’t wait to get your input!

Loosely based off of our campaign crucible episode “Untitanled,” this will be a campaign revolving around a team of adventurers tasked with making ends meet by travelling the world and dismantling great titans amidst the backdrop of a savage war.

Possible Systems: Savage Worlds, FATE, or Iron Kingdoms.

Our PCs awake to find themselves on an alien world amid the wreckage of a crashed spaceship. With little to no knowledge of their past, they find themselves banding together with other survivors to carve out a society while struggling to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

Possible Systems: Savage Worlds or FATE.

Woolridge High School.
Set in an alternate-history 1930’s, the PCs play as a group of student sleuths investigating strange happenings around their hometown, much to the dismay of their elders who are convinced the kids are simply imagining things.

Possible Systems: Trail of Cthulu, FATE, or Deadlands: Noir.

We exist in a shattered fantasy world. The Gods are gone, and with them, sorcery and magic have become a distant memory, a fable passed from generation to generation to keep children from wandering away from the few bastions of civilization left. The PCs exist on the fringes of society, forced to trek through the ruins of the great civilizations of the past in order to uncover treasures, artifacts, and to (hopefully) earn a meager living.

Possible Systems: 13th Age, Savage Worlds, or Dungeon World.

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  2. […] Help choose NPC Chris’ next campaign by heading HERE! […]

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