Episode 34: Game N Shake.

NPC Cast Episode 34: Game N Shake.

In this episode NPC Chris and NPC Aaron break down their Gencon trip, including how they got wrapped up in the judging for an awesome board game competition! (56min)

Some Tons of things we discuss on this episode:

Gencon– The largest games convention in North America!

Tabletop Deathmatch– A Tabletop Game design contest by the folks over at Cards Against Humanity.

MERCS– A skirmish miniatures game about corporations vying for power!

Krosmaster Arena– A tactics-style mines/board game!

Angry DM– Friend of the show, and Angry Dungeon Master.

Old School Hack – A Free RPG from Kirin Robinson

2 GMs 1 Mic– A roleplaying podcast we highly recommend!

The Writer Next Door– A blog by industry editor John Adamus

Watch It Played– A youtube channel that teaches you how to play awesome board games!

Secret Cabal– A bi-weekly podcast about tabetop games.

Spark RPG– An RPG set in the FATE system by Jason Pitre.

Our Last Best Hope – A great DM-less indy RPG by Mark Diaz Truman.

Legacy: Gears of Time– A time-travelling board game by Ben Harkins.

Dark Age– A d20 based skirmish minis game.

Dropzone Commander – A 10mm sci-fi minis game of mass combat.

Brushfire– A miniatures game featuring historical parody, where animals have surpassed humans.

Dwarven Miner– A fantasy set-collecting game by Mike Richie.

Loading Ready Run– A comedy troupe, and producers of videos for the internet.

Dammit Liz– Event planner, and producer to the (geek) stars.

Hillfolk– An RPG by esteemed designer Robin Laws.


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