EPISODE 11: So you want to get into: Miniatures Games.

NPC CAST Episode 11: So you want to get into: Miniatures Games.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, how can I get into minis gaming? Well, on this episode the guys chat with minis aficionado Kris about just that! He explains what a minis game is, and goes through the basic steps you need to know in order to pick up and play one today! (39min)

Some links you may find useful while perusing this episode:

Games Workshop – Maker of a plethora of miniatures games, including Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000.

Privateer Press – Maker of Warmachine and Hordes.

Infinity – A miniatures game created by European gaming company Corvus Belli.

Flames of War – A miniatures games based in WWII.

Malifaux – A miniatures game created by Wyrd Miniatures.

CoolMiniOrNot – A site which features some of the best painted miniatures from around the world!

Beasts of War – A Youtube channel featuring news and programming for tabletop gaming!


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